Thoughts on Doing Something

At church recently, our pastor brought up an interesting concept he had been toying with over the past month. It’s a fairly simple concept with profound implications in multiple areas of life, an easier-said-than-done idea:

“If something needs to get done, do it.”

After trying to suppress any Shia LaBeouf-related giggles, the full implication of the idea hit me. Something must get done, so do it. There is a need, so fill it.

I’m someone who makes lists daily, things I need to do, separate lists for both work and home. If I can cross off most of the things on the list in a day, I consider it a success. But then there are the things that appear on every list, the things that never seem to get crossed off. This blog tends to be one of them.

On a larger scale, there are so many things this world–in my immediate space and globally–that are left undone. People in my own city who are hungry or who don’t have a coat as winter approaches. Friends who don’t realize their own worth. Refugees who might not survive to return to what’s left of their homes.

I’ve always been acutely aware of how little impact I have on the world. Sometimes I lie awake and think about that, being one whisper in the whirlwind of humanity. The terrifying thought also humbles me, keeps me grounded. It becomes a problem when I let that thought become a crutch. When I grow complacent. When I recognize that something needs to get done, but I’m so convinced of my own inability that I don’t even attempt to rise to the occasion.

I can’t let that be a reason to do nothing anymore. I have to start speaking up.

What a radical idea, to believe a whisper in the whirlwind could be overheard. But I’m going to try. To write like what I say matters, instead of deleting every post I start to draft. To speak like those listening will remember what I say. To live like I can change the world, without my name ever appearing in the history books

Whatever it is you’re passionate about–be it writing fantasy or fighting for social justice or anything in between–you care about those things because you’ve recognized a need for them. Fulfill that need. Your own ability or lack thereof means nothing if you’re not also willing to act.

Pretty grandiose words for a blog about writing, I know. But I think this is what I needed to say.

And now, I need to get back to writing.